Battery Desulfator

Batteries have a typical lifespan of a few years by which time they will need to be replaced for a new battery. When a battery is not in use, sulphuric acid begins to accumulate. However, when the battery is being recharged the sulphate breaks down.

The problem then is that if you leave a car battery idle for too long, eventually the sulphate will crystallize which would make it impossible for the battery to hold a charge. Many people have unknowingly bought new batteries but there is a much easier solution.

By making use of a battery desulfator you can easily save yourself hundreds of dollars and not have to worry about failed batteries. As you can imagine, this is extremely beneficial and very cost effective.

What are the causes of sulfation?

The moment you hear a clicking noise as you try to start your car, that is a very good sign that your battery has become victim to a process known as sulfation. One of the main reasons this happens is when the battery is not used for a long period of time.

The chemical reaction of lead and lead dioxide help to form lead sulfate which crystallizes around the lead plates. The buildup of this material prevents the battery from holding a charge which essentially renders it unusable.

What is a battery desulfator?

What a battery desulfator essentially does is that it helps to recondition a battery by breaking down the sulphate crystals formed on the lead plates. Then once the process is finished you can take the battery to a shop to have them recondition it again for future use.

You can purchase one of these devices at a modest cost and they are certainly useful to have. If you are more of the do it yourself type of person, then you can easily make one yourself. You will need detailed instruction along with schematic diagrams which can be found online.

One model that is currently available for sale is the BatteryMINDer desulfator which is designed to make this process go much more smoothly. Other added benefits include monitoring and testing the battery while only supplying the currents that are needed.

Does a battery desulfator work?
For those wondering whether a battery desulfator actually works, the answer is yes. These chargers work by sending low frequencies that break down the sulphuric crystals. The amount of time the entire process takes varies depending on the size of the battery.

Some batteries can take a few hours but others can easily take a month depending on how bad the crystals have formed. However, once the process is complete the battery will be in prime condition to be reconditioned again.

Another added benefit too is that battery desulfator chargers can be used for maintenance purposes to prolong the life of a current functioning battery. One thing to note is that a desulfator cannot bring back batteries that have already exceeded their expected lifespan.

Why not just buy new car batteries?

You might be thinking that this process is not worth the hassle but then you need to consider the alternative which is spending a few hundred dollars for a replacement. This can be quite expensive especially if you tend to leave your batteries alone for a long period of time.

A battery desulfator can save you a significant amount of money by reviving dead batteries back to life instead of just throwing them out. The best part too is that the process is actually not as hard as it might seem. Simply follow the directions and allow for some time for the battery desulfator charger to do its work.

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