Car Battery Dead

Car batteries are big replaceable lead-acid boxes that are rechargeable and are the main energy source during the initial ignition. Once the car’s running it powers the lights, gets recharged, blow horns and for aids all other electronic operations besides providing power. Is the Car Battery Dead, check it beforehand! Or else even with the oil tank showing full, you might have to push the heavy junk through the roads ! Tough time if you on a date with your girlfriend!

How you know car battery is old?

• Generally reputed car companies provide excellent batteries that last up to some four to five years if not more. It depends on the use too like how many kilometers the car has run in the past years etc! But if your car is that old and not an auto maintenance vehicle, get the electrolyte levels checked. And if required get it replaced.

Car Battery Dead• If there are enough hiccups in the morning while starting your vehicle especially in cold mornings while it is pretty well less problematic on a warm day, it is advisable to get the old battery out of your car’s system.

• Though the batteries are rechargeable but if the electrolytes have lived their lives it is impossible to bring your car to life if stranded in the middle of the road!

• If some cranky sounds are common while ignition, it is a strong indication as to the battery needs a change & the car battery is almost dead.

Dead or alive, who we owe it to for the batteries???

Know who has one of the biggest contributions for making the dream of luxury cars or rather cars possible?? Well, we all owe it big to the French engineer, Gaston Plantae, who explained the principle behind the batteries to the world.

Do types of car batteries vary??

Generally they are all the same batteries and are mostly available with battery dealers. But if you own an electric car, that too the hybrid one, then it is not the common lead acid boxes! Batteries for the electric cars are usually cadmium and nickel made; these batteries follow the same principle but nickel instead of lead has the power to pull the entire vehicle and not just help ignite the fuel.

What do be done in a situation like this?

Well, nothing much can be done if already stranded on the roads. But why go that far? Regular check once in two years isn’t much, is it? Do keep some garage mechanic‘s mobile number handy! Check online for help with such not foreseen situations!! One stop solution providers are always ready to help you! Sometimes it is the whole battery that needs replacement some while for the others only the plates may be changed. Keeping an extra piece of car battery won’t help much mainly because it might degenerate or consume space unnecessarily.

Check the car battery too before you buy!

Here it is advisable to strictly follow brands. Local made stuff is acceptable only when your in-depth knowledge of car batteries, its life and parts, is there to back you up! When comparing prices, local stuff might look to be a cheaper option, but with warranty and after –sales support the branded ones prove worthy of the prices they charge.

Dreaming about luxury cars is something common these days. It is the maintenance and other additive factors that also need to be properly planned. For example, paying road taxes, getting your car insured, carrying along the driving license is a must! Just imagine in the middle of the road the goes the car battery dead and you are unable to move the vehicle, when the police comes running to help you & find important papers missing! Check beforehand and get rid of junk batteries in time to avoid standing like a fool in the middle of the road to an amazing holiday! Dead batteries cannot be re used. So throwing them away is the only option left before you are stopped somewhere totally clueless as what to be done next! Also when disposing please do not forget that you are a civilian and proper disposal of junk is part of being a good neighbor too!

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