Easy and effective ways for jumping a car battery

During winter season we all face a difficulty in car battery and everyone have a thought to jump start it, but before trying it by their own they really want to know how professional jump start the battery,  the functions performed by professionals are very easy and people can try it in their home easily by following simple steps. Before entering into the main process we should make ourselves ready, and we should also verify that we have all essential materials with us. The main requirements are jumper cables which are used to operate the battery, gloves for hand and a glass protection for eyes the protection will safeguard us from battery leakage, and at last we need a functioning car battery for providing boost. Once the material are ready we should make some safety precaution they are, verifying the user manual because each and every vehicle is different so verifying manual provided by the company will help us a lot. Do not smoke or drink alcoholic beverages while operating the battery because it may end in severe disaster, do not wear a neck tie and do not touch the hot objects or hazardous material in the car. Make sure that your working area is free from dangerous igniting material because it may cause severe blast when it gets contacted with any hot objects, substituting materials will help you to do the work faster and easier so have it along with you. If you cannot perform the task in a right manner or if anything is beyond your knowledge or capability then do not hesitate to call an advisor or getting help from the professional mechanic. Thus it will really help us to do work faster, thus these are important precautions and measure taken before car battery dead

Points to remember while jumping a car battery

the main reason why battery gets dead is because of switching on the lights for prolong time when we are not using the car, then not maintain proper water level in the battery and the last reason is due to breakdown of bridge or voltage regulator. The points which has to remembered are two batteries should not be kept very close all accessories like radio, fan, AC should switched off in both the cars. The voltage spike may cause during the process so beware of it and make sure which is positive and negative sides of the battery because many have confusion in it, if the battery leaks then clean it with a towel and try connecting it.

How to connect the battery 

The steps are very easy to perform but before doing it wear a protective gloves and eye gear because the voltage spikes will affect your hands and eyes, after taking a protective measure connect the battery. First connect the positive side of the battery to the positive side of a dead battery, and then connect positive side of the bad battery to positive side of the good battery. Then at last connect the negative side of the bad battery to the negative side of the good battery. Thus these are process involved in car battery dead.             

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