Why You Need a Lead Acid Battery Charger

For most individuals whenever their car battery dead to start the engine of their vehicle, their first thought is to get the battery replaced with a new one. However, if the battery is only a year or two old it still has plenty of life left and this is where a lead acid battery charger comes in.

When batteries are not able to hold a charge, one of the most common culprits is a process known as sulfation. This typically occurs when a battery is left idle for a long period of time. What happens then is that sulphuric acid begins to accumulate on the lead plates.

When this happens, the battery is unable to hold a charge so something needs to be done before it can be used again. The battery reconditioning process is actually not that hard and yet many individuals think that getting a replacement is less hassle.

The problem then is that you end up spending hundreds of dollars on a replacement when you could have fixed the one you had before. By purchasing a battery desulfator you can break down these crystals and make the battery usable again.

Benefits of a lead acid battery charger

A battery charger works in almost the same way with one exception. These devices are primarily designed to prevent batteries from failing in the first place. These devices require a power source from an outlet and connect via terminals to the car battery itself.

If you plan to take a long vacation or need to store your car during the winter months, then all you have do is simply connect one of these chargers up and it will do the rest on its own. It is really that simple and the best part too is that these chargers are very inexpensive but have huge cost benefits.

What these devices do is send a periodic electrical charge which prevents sulphuric acid from building up on the lead plates. This also keeps the battery optimally charged so that it will be ready for use when you are.

Tips to purchasing the best battery charger

One particular model that comes to mind as being very effective is the model from Battery Tender as it makes use of a four step process which is completely hands free. It also offers safety features which prevents you from overcharging the battery.

This model is actually one of the best lead acid battery chargers on the market as it is very effective at keeping batteries maintained and is very affordable too. For the best deals, be sure to check out online stores that carry this product.

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