Car Battery Chargers

Back in the days of early car battery charging when you were looking to use a Car Battery Charger, all you did was hook up said battery, push a button and wait. Perhaps you would check the dial to make sure there is no overcharging going happening at the charger. This is no longer necessary, because as with most other things, technology is always improving this field of application; and very well will continue.

That being said, we can tell you that most cars on the road today in the United States, at least, use a 12 volt battery, and the same is true for marine vehicles and other recreational vehicles. Now a car battery charger when used with these almost standardized batteries will keep the battery in tip top shape and extend it’s life quite significantly. This ultimate saves you from concern over power shortage or other reasons for the battery to go dead unexpectedly and will save you carloads of money too.

Buyer beware though, check through your car battery warranty information. If you use the incorrect, or non dealer recommended charger, you may void your warranty. Worse yet you could ruin or destroy the batter using the incorrect car battery charger.

So where to begin in this somewhat pitfall laden trek to find the best car battery charger?
Let’s begin by determining, what type of battery you now own, then find the storage capacity of said battery. Even though, if you have some deeper knowledge of these things you may wonder if the capacity is relevant, because the battery is only using it’s stored charge to power the vehicle’s starter and then the lights and the like.

A normal car battery will store about 50 amp hours and a marine battery 100 amp hours. They will deliver 12 volts power, but each will charge at a different rate, from dead – approximatly 6 and 11 hours respectively when using a 10 amp car battery charger. Be sure to make sure when buying your car battery charger that it has enough power to recharge your car battery. The more amperage can directly be related to the time need for a car battery charger to refill a dead battery.

Of course we hope you never need to use a car battery charger to fill a dead battery, because your alternator or other electrical equivalent should be supplying some charge to your car battery regularly.

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